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Virtually Gerry offers expert virtual assistance across a whole range of business services, offering immediate practical help on anything from day-to-day administration to managing a specific project or event.


If the service you need isn’t listed here don’t despair! Our assistants have expertise in all manner of areas, so get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

See how these services have benefitted our clients.


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Do you struggle to keep on top of your diary or inbox, or dread drafting reports, proposals or tenders? Hand the towering in-tray over to us.

Project Management

Got a specific project that needs an experienced manager to co-ordinate it? We have a proven track record in managing projects large and small.

Social Media

Baffled by the latest updates to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or just don’t have the time to post regularly? We could do it all day!

Newsletters and Surveys

Know your business would benefit from regular communications to customers or need some specific feedback, but don’t have the time or skills? We have the time and experience to send and monitor engaging e-newsletters, or gather vital customer feedback through online surveys or interviews.


Does putting together a PowerPoint take you all day? We will produce a highly professional presentation in a fraction of the time.

Event Planning

Does the thought of co-ordinating team events or away days, seminars or corporate entertaining bring you out in a sweat? With years of experience in the training industry we thrive on planning and delivering events.


Feel your time could be better spent than on air fare comparison sites and negotiating with unhelpful hotel receptionists? Delegate the tedious booking bits to us, so you can just turn up and do business.


Need training manuals or workbooks designed and printed? We know exactly who to call on.


Know how important marketing and PR is to your business, but always find it languishing bottom of the list? We’ll make it top priority, assisting with marketing plans, managing websites and e-comms, or researching PR contacts.

Data Processing

Does number-crunching leave you numb? Data leave you brain-dead? We know people who love this stuff! Let us manage your databases and co-ordinate mail-shots – and even enjoy doing it…


Need to find out the best new laptop to buy, or whether to switch utility provider? Want a comprehensive list of all meeting venues in your area? Whatever your task, we’ll do the donkey-work for you, saving you time and money.


No-one wants to spend Friday afternoon by the photocopier, right? We’ll scan your articles, documents or photos speedily to PDF format faster than you can say ‘toner’.

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