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Here’s what some of the happy clients we’ve worked with have to say about Virtually Gerry:

Gerry makes life so much easier for us.  Whenever we have a large project we immediately enlist Gerry's help in delivering all the delegate and venue management.  When you give her the task you can be sure of two things: 1) it will be done.  You can now cross it off your to-do list because you don’t have to think about it again; 2) it will be done better that you would have done it yourself.  She’s a joy to work with.

Andrew Saffron

Innermost Consulting

If you are looking for someone highly professional, reliable and personal to support you or your business, I would unequivocally recommend Gerry. Gerry has worked as my PA for the last 5 years, the last two whilst I have been living overseas. In addition to streamlining the back office, she plays an integral role for me in developing and maintaining business relationships. Her creativity and flexibility are paramount to me with managing time zones and workload. She is thorough and extremely well organised, something I definitely appreciate on a regular basis! She is worth her weight in gold, and ultimately, I have peace of mind that my business, my customers and my suppliers are all well looked after. She is a major asset to my business."​

Mark Hanson

Inuous Ltd

Gerry is a superb Virtual Assistant to Contiguity Partners. She literally runs the company efficiently, seamlessly and always professionally - but also with great humour. It almost feels like she is on the desk next to me and she has built up strong relationships with our clients. A great addition to the team and I highly recommend her!

Victoria Speers

Contiguity Partners Ltd

Gerry is a wonderful addition to our team. She is conscientious, professional, capable and warm. She represents Migrate Partners Ltd very well and no one has any idea that she is not co-located with us. The perfect virtual EA / Office Manager. Thank you Gerry.

Jonathan Patrick

Migrate Partners Ltd

Gerry has worked with my business and with my clients providing invaluable admin support, help and advice. She is enthusiastic, responsive with a great eye for detail. She suggests, gives options and goes the extra mile. Highly recommended!

Nicole Martin

Pinpoint Marketing

My small and rapidly growing business has had the benefit of being supported by Virtually Gerry over the last three years. We experience the usual peaks and troughs and last minute deadlines and Virtually Gerry flexes to accommodate our needs and is quick to understand the nature of what is needed. In addition, Virtually Gerry works in an innovative way which challenges our thinking and helps us deliver better client solutions. We operate in a virtual environment and have a remote team of consultants all calling on Virtually Gerry for support. Virtually Gerry manages their requirements in a seamless and consistent way building strong relationships along the way. Always friendly, efficient, helpful and creative, Virtually Gerry is truly part of our team.

Bridget Jolliffe

Pharos Partners Ltd

Working within a creative environment brings all sorts of day to day challenges. With tight deadlines and hectic schedules we need efficient, effective and organised people on board to ensure we don't drop the ball. This is even more important when we need to scale up for a project and this is where Gerry comes in. Gerry is professional, adaptable and hard working and has a fantastic can do attitude which makes working with her such a pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business as she would be a true asset

Natalie Spearing

oliis design

Gerry's services suit the unpredictability of my business needs and I have called upon her for support with no notice whatsoever. Needless to say she responded immediately and became totally committed and involved in the project. Her support and skills have been invaluable, especially during stressful projects that included events for 150+ people. My clients trust her implicitly and believe her to be working in the same office and as part of my team - what more can I say?

Jacqui Craig

Clear Connection UK Ltd

Gerry is a star! Every month she gently reminds me of things that need doing and helps to create superb marketing activities in a creative way and sorts out the technology for me too. My business was transformed when I took Gerry on to sort out my database and she also helped me to focus on future goals.Plus she is an absolutely lovely person to work with!

Karen Kimberley

Changing People Inside

What a great idea it was to use Gerry to put my monthly e-zine together. It meant my time could be better spent without struggling to do something she can do so much more easily. Gerry's just great, she takes the raw material I give her and makes the end product come alive. She's highly professional and takes great pride in her work. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her as your virtual assistant!​

Christina Goble

Independent Networker

Gerry is a real support to me and my business and it gives me great confidence to know that Gerry is there. I know that when I send documents or PowerPoint presentations across to Gerry that she will add a professional and creative edge to them. She understands the training and conference environment and the demands they create. She has made some great suggestions about how I organise myself and the business and also about how I develop my business to realise my dreams and those of others.

Jacqueline Harris

Auric Results Ltd

The flexibility that Gerry provides is critical to the pace of my business and I have found it satisfying to know that there is someone there to help my business flow.

Marissa Woods

Image Factor Ltd

Gerry has been invaluable to Team Health Windsor. She understands our needs straight away and provides us with fantastic support, even with tasks of a more unusual nature. She tackles everything with great gusto and a sunny attitude. We think of her as one of our team.

Jeff Chapman

Team Health Windsor

We cannot speak highly enough of the mail handling service that Gerry Hyde has provided for us for the last eight years. She is completely reliable, discreet, trustworthy and efficient and has shown great initiative and dedication in helping us handle issues that are often impossible to manage from another country with a different time zone. We would be lost without her.

John and Barbara Gayford

Songline, Island Packet 40, La Paz, Mexico

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