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Virtually Gerry is 12 years old

Wow, Virtually Gerry is 12 years old today! I am sat here wondering how did that happen so quickly? It will sound like a cliché but it really does seem like yesterday that I started out on this journey.

So what made me leave the security of full-time employment and embrace a virtual role which at that time wasn’t as well-known as it is today – “Virtual Assistant, what’s that, do you exist?”

  • Could it have been trading in the 40-minute commute across Slough to a 20-second stroll down the bottom of the garden to the office? I have to admit this was and still is a huge benefit.

  • Could it have been the flexibility and variety of creating a business where I could use my strengths and be in an environment of continual learning? Absolutely.

My background is with training organisations so I made this the niche area for Virtually Gerry. We still concentrate strongly on supporting facilitators, training organisations, executive coaches and keynote speakers, helping them with all their logistical requirements for their sessions, workshops and events. We are extremely fortunate that some clients have been with us from the start and are still incredibly supportive – thank you to all of you.

Looking back what has really helped me is:

  • Having a niche area to share and build on existing knowledge

  • Networking – having the support of a network has just been so valuable

  • Believing it is all possible

So time for a slice of birthday cake and here’s to the next 12 years…!

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