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5 Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant

Most of us started our working life in an office, surrounded by colleagues, taking for granted if the computer had a fault a quick call to the IT department would fix it, if help was needed formatting a document the PA would be able to share their knowledge quickly and efficiently.

If you were used to having a full-time PA, how would it be possible to have the same kind of service whilst setting up your new business in the spare bedroom? Why, using a Virtual Assistant of course!

Here are five benefits to working with a Virtual Assistant (VA):

You can build a relationship with a Virtual Assistant as you would have done with your PA in the office but only use the VA as and when you need to. If you use the same VA over a period of time they will become familiar with your business, your clients and the way you like to work. I have one client who I bill very few hours a month but I'm available Monday - Friday if her clients need to reach me and I am the contact point when she is away from her office. I act as her full time PA but will only charge for the time it takes to complete the task.

You don't have to make space for the VA in your home office, your spare bedroom, the local coffee shop!! The VA is already set up in their own office, with all the necessary office equipment, phones, internet connection, etc.

You can use a VA on an ad hoc basis. Some people are worried that they have to commit to many hours - this is not the case. Most VAs will have a minimum charge, mine is one hour. I've had one-off enquiries where people have needed help with a mail merge, or formatting tables in a Word document, tasks that can be infuriating to some, but not to a VA.

This is always a popular perk to working with a VA - you will not need to pay National Insurance, tax, holiday pay, sickness, pension plan or any other company perks to the Virtual Assistant.

A VA generally has a network of contacts so tap into their knowledge on printers, internet providers, web designers, etc, etc

A Virtual Assistant is the perfect resource and asset to any small business, adding value and offering support wherever possible.

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